A Reliable and Versatile transport solution for most type transport operation’s needs. We design and implement problem leading solving solutions, providing reliable transport service efficient & high standard quality. Advanced technology in transportation will continue to reach every sector of our economy.

Every innovation is not going to come from government, addressing the ongoing challenges transport congestion in the city.
We believe everyone deserves to access safe, affordable, reliable transportation system. Every business today require a friendly, easy and reliable last-mile delivery solution. So, we started, All modes of transport, because there was a need and social responsibility.

Addis transportations are take the first step to on mass transportation working in over 100 major stations in Addis Abeba city with the vision of alleviating the transport problem in the city which is safe, affordable and higher quality &efficient transportation solutions

We make this experience about YOU!


Effective Solution

We are providing effective & innovative transport solution for all transport
demanding area in the city.

Cheap & Fast

We are committed to providing our transportations service as reliable, fastest & equitable transport solution for everyone.


We are reduces your level concern at this covid-19 situation at chaotic transportation by un-efficient & lack transport coordination. We are well cleaned, oriented & organized transportation in the city. Addis reduces number car running in the city. Knowing that we’re doing a good thing for global recovery!

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Our striving not to be a success, but rather to be of value. Open communications and transparency are what we built.

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We build a citywide a reliable & versatile transportation system, covering the most transportations demanding in the city. We are ideal transport solution for all modes of transport operations. Addis transportation will make the job easier and safer. Addis transportation limit your level concern of this covid-19 pandemic situation at current available chaotic city transportations are un-efficient & lack transport coordination… read more →

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    Global Recovery

    Knowing that we’re doing a good thing for global recovery!

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    Mass Transportation System

    We are contributing on reduction the amount carbon emission to the atmosphere by adopting mass-transport system in the city which is reduce number of running vehicles, have fuel consumption impact. Addis transportation is...

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